How Do You Cope With Anxiety In The Morning? I Do 1 Simple Thing

Why, morning?! Why?! Via  GIPHY .com by way of  Reddit .com.

Why, morning?! Why?! Via by way of

Goood afternoon, errbody.

The person behind this blog (*raises hands*) is waaay into mental health awareness. As a black woman in my mid-20s, taking care of this thing on top of my shoulders has been a self-care project way overdue. In the past three months of therapy, I've learned three important dets about myself:

  1. I have PTSD (many folks do)
  2. I have anxiety (many folks do)
  3. Being a rape survivor, my emotions toward the event have only deepened over time. Time heals all wounds, eh? Not quite -__-

Anxiety has long been a part of my day, but learning how to cope with it has been incredibly helpful. Keep reading for my simple thoughts on managing anxiety in the morning.  

Everyone needs a therapist!

Even mental health professionals should probably have one. Dealing with the junk in your brain sucks to do solo dolo. It took me years to admit that. My emotions weren't fixable by my own doing, and having someone there to patch me up has given me a sense of control over my life and my perspectives.

On days when I wake up with anxiety knocking on my door, the best first step has been to recognize that it's there. Yes, that's the ultra boring response :p

Instead of pretending it's caused by something else and ignoring it, or thinking it'll go away after I eat or have some water, I acknowledge my body is reacting (albeit irrationally), and that I have the ability to respond to it.

I also remember how I respond to my therapist while in session: I curl into myself, or I wrap my arms around my body like I'm in some sort of straight jacket. It's one way that I guard my heart and protect myself from being vulnerable.

Waking up in the morning sometimes feels like a jolt, stripping me of feeling in control over my body and my mind It's all up and at 'em!

It's hard for me to explain the 'why' of my anxiety to other people. But I'm willing to accept that! It also helps that my anxiety goes unnoticed. If I need to have a breather in a bathroom stall at work, no one wonders what's wrong or how they can help me since I don't verbalize it. It means that there's less explaining to do, but that can be isolating in itself for some people. 

*sigh* Morning anxiety is all too familiar. Recognizing that it's present along with refocusing my energy are immediate, effective resources. 

Warm water with apple cider vinegar, push-ups, and tending to my plant babies also gives me the good feels. 

Now that therapy is providing me with more self-awareness, managing it my way is within reach. My old meditation practice has also been calling my name. Ya'll should try it! Even if for five minutes a day. Here's a video that explains more about how simple it is to start meditating.

Let's say your Tuesday isn't starting off too hot. If it isn't, keep your chin up. (I know I am.) Tell me how you deal with anxious feels -- what works for you, what doesn't, and how you're finding some happy mediums.

In the meantime, here's an old post about how anxiety impacts my body & what I'm learning from it. Our Instagram is serving all the blues, and look at all these blue links on the website! They mean well. Click on 'em and have fun ;)