Das me! Image by  Yekaterina Gyadu .

Das me! Image by Yekaterina Gyadu.

Welcome back!

bklynprose is a community-based support system. We're like your therapist's couch, but more fun 😉

We bring folks together over written and spoken language. We do this in order to survive, laugh, and tell stories. (@Kleenex: sponsor us.)

Our mission: to assemble an online and real-time community that writes and speaks their way towards destigmatizing mental illness. In doing so, we're creating stronger communicators who will spark conversations that ignite change around the globe.

We produce fundraisers, mic nights, writing events, and other gatherings with collective healing in mind. The blog allows these voices to live online.

Our audience: self-identifying women and femmes, queer and trans people of color, and gender-nonconforming folks.

We run events and a blog that induce a post-therapy kinda relief. Tender feels are the future—join now ⬇️

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Check back soon! Our April fundraiser was a hit.

Also, we're here for big ideas. Let's collaborate.

Latiana with one performer, Aya Jack (seated left) and one attendee, Paige Goodings (seated right), from our  April fundraiser !

Latiana with one performer, Aya Jack (seated left) and one attendee, Paige Goodings (seated right), from our April fundraiser!

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event reviews 😏

"I learned to get out of my comfort zone and write. You were amazing."

"A space that felt adaptive and authentic. Latiana immediately cultivated an air of openness and trust. Clear, compelling, honest."

"Latiana brought so much energy to the room and was a fantastic guide."

"Everyone was having fun even though the theme was a serious one."

stress-free tutoring 📚

"I could not be more thrilled with the progress you have made with my son, Joey. You have instilled great confidence in his ability to get his thoughts expressed in a more meaningful, grammatically correct way. He is always excited to work with you. To see Joey so happy and believing in himself is a priceless gift to all of us!"


latiana tutored joey two years ago—and Mama feels the same ➡️ for tutoring info, click here.

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