I'm At A Loss For Words Rn. Here's An Old Draft About Passion

Yekaterina's  work! I don't feel I look like this anymore, which is the beauty of evolving.

Yekaterina's work! I don't feel I look like this anymore, which is the beauty of evolving.

Hi friends!

I'm at a loss for words after deleting my other blog that was almost finished. Here's something I wrote nine months ago! Squarespace says it's been 236 days.


I tossed in a few current thoughts to complete the post. And might I say, it is more my voice in real life than what I've been forcing out lately. Wahoo!!!

Hello, virtual neighbors! 

Late night blogging is unmatched. After 1:00 A.M., your brain starts doing this 1/2 delirium 1/2 unstoppable-need-to-create-a-masterpiece thing. It's excellent. And also tiring.


In my "serious" bio (lol), I've claimed to be "a thought bubble personified." Let's clear this up: we're talkin' 'bout a bubble filled with questions, objections, professions, claims, definition-seeking, and confusions. 

Sometimes the overthinking is a solid decision. I mess something up, pour it over, then imagine a variety of solutions I could've employed to have seen a potentially different outcome. This is what we call mindfulness, or "the state of being conscious or aware of something," according to Google's simplistic bot genius.

That's what bklynprose is about.

When's the last time you checked in with how you talk to yourself, let alone how you come across in your writing. (That goes for emails too, boo.)

I love nothing more than watching other folks learn to love words. Talking through folks' frustrations about making stuff sound better is so invigorating. Adding mindfulness to the bunch makes it even better.

Take the weight off your writing stress. Join me in real life for pep talks, candles, and cool music.

And here I am talking in real time! Comment if you dug this post, or if you'd like to hear me talk more like this ;]

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