Why's Distraction So Easy? Because Passionately Scattered Thoughts Are Awesome

GIF from GIPHY.com! 

GIF from GIPHY.com! 

I have occasional attention span issues. Who doesn't, eh? Distraction is easy when there's so much to digest! My hyper-focus always chimes in with passion.

If anyone's ever watched me on the train, this is what they'd see: 

1) Latiana picks out one of three books from her purse (likely Julia Alvarez)

2) Latiana stays stuck on three lines

3) Latiana thinks long and hard about those three lines

4) Her face drifts into nowhere 

5) Those thoughts drift into other thoughts about something unrelated

5) She reads her texts

6) And Instagram

7) She checks the time after locking her phone

8) She checks the time again on her watch

9) "Oh, look! A penny!"

Why is distraction so easy? idk. procrastination has momentary satisfaction.

The same procrastination foes for everything else: leaving my apartment, leaving work (you read that right), keeping tabs on what needs done if it's floating around without a due date. 

But then there's this huge part of me that becomes hyper-focused on the little details. I'll narrow in on something so hard and lose sight of other priorities, possibly making one task take longer to complete -- whether that's reading a book or sending an email. I'll sink into my work until it feels just right.

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