Did You Know That Birds Hibernate?" Exploring The Perils Of Misinformation >.<

I was walking around and heard a woman say the quote in today's post title to a young girl. Perhaps this was a mother to her child, in which case I'm definitely disturbed.

Adult: "Did you know that birds hibernate?" 
Child: ...
Adult: "Not hibernate, but they fly South. They don't like the cold!"

*Child speaks and I'm confused by this conversation, so I don't recall the rest*

Misinformation: "To give false or misleading information to," says Dictionary.com. I so badly wanted to shout, "MIGRATE! They MIGRATE!"

Sheesh. I ran to Google for help. The only bird that hibernates is the Common Poorwill, which is this kind of cute, chubby thang:

Photo by Rick and Nora Bowers/VIREO via  Audobon.org

Photo by Rick and Nora Bowers/VIREO via Audobon.org

Mindfulness step one: do not offer information that you don't know :p

Full disclosure: if I don't know the answer to something, I'll dig through what I do know and find a means to solve it -- but lacking an answer is as beautiful as having one. I love when someone asks a question that I can't figure out immediately. It sparks something new in the dynamic and in the conversation. It makes the mood relatable, warm, and judgement-free.

I hope you're starting the week with a bang! It's pretty dreary in NYC, but you can find me at the social links below for some extra color. 

all luv,