On Procrastinating Wisely And Putting Relationships First

Funny chicken via  GIPHY .com!

Funny chicken via GIPHY.com!

When it comes to productivity vs. play, play loves to win!

I use the "When I'm old, I'll wish I had..." excuse every time. (*Binge watching an entire season of "The L Word" is never wrong.*)

Friends don't need to bribe or coax me to come along to anything. For me, it's a yes 99% of the time. If I do pull out an excuse, all I need is five minutes and a reasonable amount of contemplation -- because procrastination needs time to figure itself out ;) Keeping in mind that this doesn't apply to dire situations*, I almost always make time for play.

When I consider procrastinating/making a choice that will affect my present, my brain zips far into this exaggerated future that will probably never happen.

Most of the time, it involves me being an 85-year-old and thinking "What would've happened if I just went to The Woods that Wednesday.......?"(See! It's not worth the stress!) I'm dubbing this "procrastinating wisely."

After years of being quiet about my feelings, both reserved and weary about letting loose, I decided (at age 18) to reverse my conditioning. I'm 24 now, and I believe I've got this productivity vs. fun situation pretty well-balanced! 

Procrastinating Wisely: To get the job done and let go when you need to (or take a break in the middle of things) AND to not sacrifice wondering what would've happened if you'd JUST binged watched The L Word with your roomie all weekend. What we would have missed out on = a lot of laughs and this unsaid connection thing that happens when we look at each other blankly every time something pops off on the show... It's brilliant. It's un-regrettable. And it puts people and experiences first.

It's called procrastinating wisely. (Or just regular procrastination on a pedestal.)

We're almost to the middle of the week. Finish strong, friends. And catch me at the social links below -- I don't bite :D

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