I'm Trying My Hands At Songwriting. So Far, Not So Bad

GIF from GIPHY.com! 

GIF from GIPHY.com! 

Hello all!

I hope this message finds you in good health, and I hope you all had an awesome New Year... I know I did ;p 

I left things on a pretty grim note (see my last post ~ lol). But I needed to keep it real. I think it'd be good to open up slowly about these sort of topics: depression, mental health, anxiety. It'll circle around with the whole writing and wellness situation we've got going on. 

More to come :)

Anytime I listen to my girl Amy Winehouse, she puts me in this endlessly creative mood. 

I'll stay up all night writing and thinking and getting all the feels out. It's awesome. I've decided to try my hand at writing lyrics!

It's been a really profound process. Understanding the difference between songs and poetry becomes a lot clearer when involved with both methods. Poetry can be chopped up and made into a song, but most lyrics don't offer the same poetic substance; the inferences, the suggestiveness, the full story in fewer words. Lyrics also need a melody. Good poetry creates its own beat.

I *believe* I've completed lyrics for my first song! I've been wanting to sing on stage for years, but I've been too scurred to go for it. Something feels right about this, as if now's the time ~ or something. Lol.

Two of my goals for the year are to meet more creative people AND to mend this fear of singing on stage. Building relationships with creative folks has helped that aforementioned depression, and conquering fear is the business. I'm looking forward, and I hope you are, too! 

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