Is Slowing Down The Better Way? Well, It Is For Me

Photo by Rishad via  @rishad  +  his website

Photo by Rishad via @rishad + his website

I read a post on Instagram about being happy with your life's journey. Pretty standard stuff, but the real *kapow* came when the user spoke about choosing an appropriate speed for the journey...

A-ha! *scratches chin* 🤔 Ask yourself: "How's my life moving?" What was your answer? 

As far as speed goes, slowing down works best for me. I move more carefully this way; I need time to sift through all the options! Quick decisions kill me O.o Often times, I'll choose a longer way than take a shortcut because a shortcut looks so blind to me.

This all makes sense -- I've been told more than once that my spirit animal would be an owl or some kind of bird 😂 

Try to understand more about what your "pace" is. If this all sounds like fluff, sit still and see what happens -- are you fidgety, lonely, at peace? Decide how the speed of your day to day is affecting your life. Might slowing down be the better way? Should you speed it up? Listen to that gut, ya'll...

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