Feeling Anxious? Same! Here Are 10 Unobvious Ways To De-stress

# tfw  you're stressed and need some affirmations. Via  GIPHY .com

#tfw you're stressed and need some affirmations. Via GIPHY.com

Hello, friends! 

I hope the past few weekends have been good to you.

Every month, I choose one week as my off week. I don't blog, & I disappear from social media. (A small part of my choice comes from cell data running low. Hah!) Last month, though, I took a stark left turn and...took an entire month off. 

Yikes. I apologize for this. I continued posting on Insta, but that slowed down as well. It's been a mixture of life disruptions and a huge need for time away. One major change: I've stopped seeing my therapist!

Therapy 100% helped. Because of it, I've learned a lot about myself, my body, and everything in between. Now, I'm taking a break (mostly due to finances) and will *hopefully* find a more affordable choice by the fall season. Also feeling like my objectives for therapy have shifted, now that I feel entirely in control of my PTSD and anxiety.

In other news, I bought a skateboard!!! 

In the month that I've had it, I think I've gone two days without hopping on. I'll do a follow up post about how that's helping with the anxiety. My last post offers an initial perspective!

Help me think of a name?!?
Yas, dirt! Riding the 2 train

Yas, dirt! Riding the 2 train

Equality is the policy. I take this board everywhere.

Equality is the policy. I take this board everywhere.

Yes, it glows. The wheels glow!

Yes, it glows. The wheels glow!

Obligatory duckface. Woooo, gender neutral bathrooms @ Brooklyn Museum!!!

Obligatory duckface. Woooo, gender neutral bathrooms @ Brooklyn Museum!!!

And up next is why you're here. Keep reading for 10 awesome ways to de-stress (if you're not into that standard stuff).

1) Play "you sound like..."

Never heard of this game until finding this page. To shorten their directions:

Grab a bunch of fun friends, write down a bunch of objects or animals that make noises, and then toss all those ideas into a pile. Pick one noise and sound ridiculous, or pick several and make it more exciting.

(This would be reeeeeeeally helpful during the midday crazies...)

2) Casually Become a survivalist

Because we'll need you when the aliens start to bite.

I added this one to the list because learning to build a fire in the rain and decipher paw prints is both exciting and preventative! Lol. The rules here are virtually endless, so your brain will have plenty to focus on.

(My roomie was obsessed with the show Man Vs. Wild, so she may have inspired this one. It's the second most useful tip on here...right behind #6.)

3) Learn the harmonica, obviously

It's neither difficult nor guilt-inducing! You can't really mess up the tune on one. This video shows you how to play in five minutes, and here's a cheat sheet for extra help.

4) know what capoeira is?

If this video doesn't make you want to learn and shake your hips...

I practiced capoeira for a few months during middle school. It was offered at summer camp, and it meant we were allowed to do flips indoors. Yas. Here's more background info about the Brazilian martial art.

5) Competitive dog grooming (lolll)

It's a thing in China, but the photos are hilarious no matter where you're sitting. Here's a link to get you started and find your future career path ;) And a video from Vice

6) go kickboxing...with glitter

Kickboxing is a typical way to relieve anxiety and stress. The glitter part = kudos to:



@glisten_cosmetics (vegan + cruelty-free)

@glitterrealm (vegan + cruelty-free)

And glitter slimes (why not): @glitter.slimes

These popular websites are all London-based, but Ricky's also sells beautiful glitter @ low cost! Sidenote ~ I fell into the slime trap last night. Will have to do a post on how oddly satisfying the stuff is. .......................

8) talk into a fan (#tbt)

*ssssssooooo chhhhiiiildiiishh ooooff meeee to ppput thhhiis on heeere*

Go go go! 

9) Listen to an entire jazz album

Besides the soothing introspection, I love seeing how the song titles accompany the sound. You can fall asleep to jazz, study with it, or use it to calm yourself down on the way to work :D This is my favorite Miles Davis jam

10) Drink water with a splash of...

Chocolate mint!!! You can grow 'em indoors. Clip a leaf off (in the *right spot*) with your nails, and let it diffuse into your drank. In time, a new leaf will grow in its place.

Awesome smell, delicious, relaxing. Because I care about ya'll and love plants, here's a how-to guide for keeping it green.

Feels good to be back! 

A handful of stuff is on the way. Stickers, guest blogging, a mental health piece for an exciting platform +++++ A NEW EVENT! It's been a number of months since my last workshop. Feeling 100% comfy with myself will make me an even better teacher than the last round.

Last tings:

This previous post provides insight on life as a sexual violence survivor. And Instagraaaaaam!

See you soon :)