Do You Like Who You Are? If Not, Therapy May Help Your Confidence

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Sarah Furina perfection via

Hello, world!

Today's post is coming from a clear and better place than last week's. Lol. Tax season is making it's dreary way out of town, and I figured out a payment plan situation with the IRS, so I'm not *completely* broke! 

Do you like who you are?

...Well, that's reaching for an awkward response. It can be a puzzling question to explore, or even uncomfortable to answer. In asking myself this question, I'm at a 50/50 like:dislike ratio. 

Here's my brief explanation of what I like & dislike about myself, and why it's all OK:

My therapist uses two words to describe how I speak about myself: resilience and legacy. I refuse to give up, and I know there's a lot left for me to accomplish. I believe I'm here to shed light in terms of poetry and mental health awareness, and I don't plan on stopping. 

But what I like about myself also reflects what I dislike! The same resilience and "legacy" concepts lead me into overwhelm, which is what drives the anxiety and depression that comprises my PTSD. 

I avoided therapy for two reasons (which I said I'd talk about a few posts ago, heh): money and a fear of the unknown. Nonetheless, being pointed in the direction of my therapist has been a huge gift in disguise. Talking through all the mush with someone completely removed from your experiences quickly shows you what you how strong you are.

So far, I've only used one Kleenex per session ;) and I'm loving all the subtle affirmations and reminders.

My goal is to make a million folks feel better about their mental health. The freedom I feel in taking care of myself and being able to comfortably speak about all this with others -- in person and online -- makes every penny I pay my therapist worthwhile ;p

This day is gonna be good to you. If not, let's work on tomorrow. Find me @ the social links below, friends.