Do You Feel Like Screaming? Maybe That's What You Should Do Rn

Who doesn't flip over the wifi password tho? Via  GIPHY .com

Who doesn't flip over the wifi password tho? Via

I'ma let ya'll in on something: I'm planning on making every blog title into a question. Lol. Consistency can be cool, and it gets ya'll questioning before reading what I say. hEH. I also just ask a lot of questions when curious, so this makes sense...

What's the last thing that made you angry? 

Was it a work-related issue? Was it someone (or a few people) at a party? Was it your cat not taking his pills? (That last one is me venting. I'm catsitting and this animal acts like I don't exist -.-)

We all react differently to anger. Some folks don't even "get angry." They'll get to some stage of peeved-ness and irregularity that seems unlike them, but they don't hit the fire-fleeting-from-the-nose thing.

For me, anger shows up in three ways: body grows hot, heart beats like I've had three Red Bulls, mind races on about what I should do next and whether or not I should react on impulse (like I usually want to).

I blame it on growing up in a family full of vocal women. Not only do we react, but we react with fact and unwavering points >.< Lol. I've gotten better at keeping my face composed, but the same intensity appears evvvery time I'm aroused in a negative way. 

I've been binge watching The L Word, and a few episodes ago, Bette went on a silent meditation retreat that actually drove her crazy. Of course, that completely destroyed the point of her forced cleanse. She started screaming as she walked away from the camp.

One of those you gon' pop something in your esophagus kinda screams. 

It felt GOOD to watch her do that!

She kept it real with her emotions. She kindled something inside that needed exposure and a way to release that didn't end up in an affair or some other crazy plot twist she gets into on the show. Lol. Bette couldn't find oneness in her failed silent retreat, so she found herself comfortable in doing the exact opposite. Nothin' wrong with that. 

I need to take my own hints. But figuring out how to channel anger is tough. Our bodies mostly take to being impulsive; we sometimes presume instead of ask, we might question truth and settle into denial.

But what happens when we remove the eagerness to react? Lots of good stuff.

Give yourself the chance to asses what's going on, and you may find you don't need to scream. Or maybe you do. Maybe you need to talk it out with your friend (or therapist/mother/sister/pet). Maybe you need to cry, journal, or punch a pillow. Maybe you need a silent retreat to take a look within. 

(Trust me: I need these words as much as anyone else. I'm preaching to the choir, ya'll. Let's keep it real.)

Hello folks :) If you dug this post, stay tuned for more! In the coming weeks and months, I'm looking forward to being more candid about what's going on on my end. Don't have all the puzzle pieces together yet, but in time, friends. 

Bon voyage ;) And here's a link to my last post: Do you trust your body?