Why Do We Chase Our Losses? Let Go When It Feels Right

Credit to artist  Grace D. Chin ! Find her  here .

Credit to artist Grace D. Chin! Find her here.


This title is what I've been doing ☺️  Lol. WHAT a good question to ask, eh?!

Much like an annoying mosquito, when you try to catch things as they're meant to pass, life will almost always bite back.

"YOU CLOSE, BUT NOT CLOSE ENOUGH!" the mosquito says.

It's true, ain't it? We end up sad and hurt because of what's happened. We remain unconvinced even when the inevitable end -- our loss -- is clear and obvious.

Ah, human emotion 🌊

We chase. And then we blind our intuition because acceptance is a cold and lonely betch. What's meant to move will drift, and it'll do so when it pleases. This won't always be a bad thing. When it counts (and you'll know when), you should go with it -- and nix the passivity.

(My original metaphor for this post got lost in the sauce. I cut the whole thing out. Maybe I'll revise it with a new point........)

(*Yes, the photo has little to do with the post, but I couldn't help myself.*)

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