To Be Human Is To Overdo. Can You Commit To Doing Less?

My thinking face @ Bryant Park. Photo by  Yekaterina Gyadu .

My thinking face @ Bryant Park. Photo by Yekaterina Gyadu.

Hi, readers!

*First post excitement* 

I am hyper-curious. I'm incapable of wondering "what if," and I cringe at the sound of "could've" statements. 

Obviously, this gets me into trouble. Lol. Depending on how we define "trouble" (heh), this isn't always a bad thing... At best, this hyper-curiosity falls into a class of determination or a detest for settling. My spirit lies in inquiry, and I refuse to be silenced.

*cue the endless stories that have brought me to this point*

As a tough learner with an aversion to regret (!!), I've learned to sculpt this occasionally pesky trait into an advantage -- a quality that ignites confidence in other people's voices. I've flipped this vice into a passionate virtue, but I'm also living being. Lol. I still lead myself into a vortex of overthinking. (The best part about overthinking is the journal ranting -- see, negatives into positives!)

Are you guilty of overthinking? 

It's OK to admit it. I'm here for you. Hooray for being a real person!

To be human is to overdo a lot of things. We overdo our negative attitudes, our stress, our toxic relationships. Why? We could brainstorm lots of reasons. If I knew all the answers and didn't also fall prey to this series of downers, bklynprose wouldn't have purpose. ;)

bklynprose keeps it real. Our discussions, our writings, the way we choose to express ourselves: it's all raw. There's no reason to be anything more than what you already are 🔥 We're all in this crazy life-game together, and we're stronger as an honest collective.

Speaking of honesty: can you commit to lessening your overthinking?

How can you take a step back today to observe your now and realize what is or isn't working? (I plan to keep pacing my breath, letting out deep exhalations when I need. This chica has anxiety >.<).

Thanks for staying focused, being awesome, or for grabbing snacks and coming back to being focused and awesome. We keep it light -- we know ya'll have things to do! Let us know if you dug this post.


Talk super soon,